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RecallAds.com is an internet- based company that enables businesses and individuals to link up with customers. RecallAds' primary target audience are people on the move, in their car, on a bus, on a train or escalator who momentarily see something of interest advertised, but are unable to note the contact details of the seller because they are either moving or do not have a pen to hand. RecallAds aims to be a single point of contact where such potential customers can link up easily and quickly with that lost passing opportunity. This is achieved via the RecallAds logo and an easy- to- remember Catchword. So, for example, a private individual who wishes to sell his/her car, could register on www.recallAds.com and, having paid for the service, will be provided with a print out of the RecallAds logo and the Catchword which would be displayed on the vehicle for sale. Interested passing customers, being aware of the RecallAds logo, would in their own time, be able to log on to the RecallAds website to make contact with the seller by doing a search for the catchword or by way of an advanced search based on the make and the nearest matching colour of the car. In a similar way, a tradesperson will be able to ‘catch’ potential passing customers by displaying the RecallAds logo and a catchword on his/her trades vehicle.

Tariffs: The service for buyers is offered free of charge. For sellers, the service is offered free of charge for a limited period. Use promo code P7-11.

RecallAds.com is a majority owned subsidiary of Seracu Ltd., a company registered in the United Kingdom. VAT Reg. No. 673 0339 40